City of Redmond, Council Position No. 4 Candidates

Jackson Fields

Jackson Fields.png

Education: Seeking College degree

Occupation: Small business manager



When elected, I will represent the needs of all people and take action to support their interests and well-being. My generation demands solutions and can no longer accept empty promises.


I have seen first-hand through our family-owned business the inadequate support of small businesses and vulnerable populations highlighted during the pandemic Our safety net has gaping holes that must be fixed. I will be a voice for residents who have been underserved in our community for too long.


I love this city and have lived here my entire life. Redmond is home to many influential corporations. They have brought us wealth and growth. But our growth cannot continue at the cost of making the lives of vulnerable people and next generations unaffordable. I will work to find solutions for affordable housing, small businesses, community equity, and environmental health. I will be a trustworthy representative. Thank you for your vote.

Dennis Ellis

dennis ellis.jpg

Education: Gonzaga University, Bachelor Business Administration; Seattle University, Master in Science of Finance

Occupation: Senior Financial Analyst, The Boeing Company



I have been a resident of Redmond for nearly 30 years and love our city. It has been truly amazing to be a part of Redmond's transformation from a relatively small town to a still growing, beautiful city. However, as is the case many times, with growth comes some unintended consequences: traffic gridlock, urban planning miscues, and the demise of many small businesses in the community.

As your council member, I will bring my small business, finance, and corporate experiences to serve the people of Redmond and help solve these issues. Additionally, I will do everything in my power to provide city services to all as cost effectively as possible.

Finally, I proudly served my country in the military and took an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States". I promise to take the same approach in serving our city. Thanks for your support.

Melissa Stuart

melissa stuart.png

Education: Master of Non-Profit Leadership, Seattle University; BA Communication & BA Political Science, Washington State University

Occupation: Development Director, Boys & Girls Clubs; Former Redmond Library Trustee



I’m running for city council because I believe Redmond can be a great place to live for all. I will ensure that every person can have their voice heard. I will collaborate with city leaders to invest in climate change mitigation today and resiliency for what is to come tomorrow.


To council, I’ll bring my years of experience breaking down barriers for youth and families; including my work at Youth Eastside Services to secure access to affordable behavioral healthcare for all families, and at Treehouse to promote education success for youth in foster care. I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, former 48th LD Democrats PCO, former Sound Transit/Metro Sounding Board member, and active environmental advocate in our city.


Endorsements: 45th LD Democrats; Congresswoman Suzan DelBene; Representative Vandana Slatter; Redmond Mayor Angela Birney, Council President Tanika Padhye, Councilwoman Vanessa Kritzer; Zero Waste Washington Executive Director Heather Trim