School Candidates

Vivian Song Maritz

Vivian Song Maritz.png

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 4, Director District No. 4

24 Roy Street # 308


(206) 245-0471

Education: Masters in Business Administration, Harvard Business School; B.A. Harvard University

Occupation: Parent, education advocacy volunteer, Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council, finance professional,_Washington,_elections_(2021)



Public education transformed my life. That is why I want to be your next School Board Director. As a child of working class immigrants, I started school as an English as a Second Language student. It was a public school teacher who identified my hearing disability and got me the support I needed to fulfill my potential. My family takes great pride that I am the first woman in my family to receive a college degree.

I bring professional skills in finance, data, operations, and management that are needed to better support our district. Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Ballard schools are part of the fabric of our neighborhoods and yet face important challenges.

Seattle Public Schools can do better. The talents and commitment of our teachers, building leaders, and staff are there. I see it every day as a mother of four current and future students, PTSA president, and member of the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council. We must support them with a budget and board that reflect our values. We can simultaneously tackle equity, academic quality, operational efficiency, and support for students and teachers.

As Director, I commit to: (1) Establishing mental health as an essential service to reengage students who are falling behind, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. (2) Making tangible progress on inclusion. (3) Securing needed transportation and assistance for families. (4) Recruiting, supporting, and overseeing a superintendent with a strong vision for our district’s future. (5) Diving into capital and operating budgets to ensure academic quality and spending accountability. (6) Strengthening community, city, county, and state alliances to improve funding, wrap-around services, and outcomes.

Thank you for your support and vote. Endorsements: 36th District Democrats, State Senator Reuven Carlyle, former School Board Directors Eden Mack and Kay Smith-Blum, Education Advocate Summer Stinson, and others:

Herb Camet, Jr.

Herb Camet, Jr..png

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 4, Director District No. 4

2701 3RD AVE W # 314


(206) 397-4751

Education: M.A., Education Administration, Graduate Teacher Education Certification Program, B.A., History

Occupation: Educator & School Principal,_Washington,_elections_(2021)



Life is learning, learning is life.

I'm seeking election to the Seattle School Board as an education reform advocate and professional educator for 40 years in 11 countries worldwide.  I am a professional educator, not a politician, and we must professionalize the School Board.


I am a non-partisan non-corporate independent candidate without affiliation with any political party, special interest, or corporate business.   I served as K-12 School Principal in 5 countries (USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Pakistan) and K-12 and ESL Teacher and Curriculum Specialist in 11 countries worldwide (USA, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, U.A.E., Germany, Pakistan) as well as ESL/ELT Training Manager and International Education Consultant. 


Public education is not a corporate business nor a government bureaucracy, it is a mutual partnership among students, teachers, and parents in an shared learning community to meet the educational and personal development needs of our children and youth.  All students matter equally and fairly without bias or discrimination. The School Board and Seattle's public schools need an experienced domestic and international professional educator and school administrator to reorient and redevelop public education for the future of our youth, and for their parents, and our communities.  As a School Board member, I will personally visit each school to meet with principals, staff, teachers, and students to obtain their input and feedback on their school's curriculum and educational services and on their needs for improving instruction and student achievement.


Working together as students, teachers, parents, and School Board in a mutually supportive and cooperative educational organization we can transform public education into an effective learning community that enables our youth to attain and achieve all they can be.  I ask for your vote and support.

Laura Marie Rivera

Laura Marie Rivera.png

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 4, Director District No. 4

PO BOX 94499


Education: M.S. in Education, Bank Street College of Education NY; B.A. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Parent, Educator, Performing Arts, Life Long Learner



I am the only candidate who is an educator. As a parent, teacher, and lifelong learner, I believe that a quality public education is the greatest gift we can give our children and our community. I will bring bold and accountable leadership to the Seattle School District. Our public system must work harder to make learning accessible for children of all abilities. The systemic racial, cultural, and economic inequity in our schools must be addressed now. All services must be delivered equitably and effectively, 100% inclusive, and center on each child’s needs.


All parents must know about district and school level decisions through clear and timely communication. The COVID 19 pandemic was hard on kids, parents, and caretakers, and there must be transparency in how our school district moves forward. We will get there because I will listen to you.


We must reinvigorate multiple pathways for students. Career-based education for apprenticeships in the trades, academic preparedness for college, and robust arts education gives our kids a lifetime of options and pride. Our city leads in science, technology, innovation, and the arts. I want all kids to have access to those opportunities.


Having four students in Seattle Public Schools is a joy as they learn, grow, and succeed in their own ways. As a family receiving special education services, I appreciate and understand how valuable early intervention and appropriate supports can be. This attention to our students means graduation and success. Accessing these services is a challenge and that must change.


I am a Coe Elementary PTA board member, local chair of the National PTA’s Reflections Art Competition, and a board member of Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks. My union memberships in SAG, AFTRA, AGVA, AEA and my endorsement by the 11th LD Democrats make me the clear progressive choice.

Erin Dury

Erin Dury.png

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 4, Director District No. 4

PO BOX 20792


(206) 659-9803



Education: Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management & BA, University of Oregon

Occupation: School Board Director; Nonprofit consultant for system change centering antiracism



We have an amazing opportunity, as we emerge from pandemic disruption, to re-construct education to truly serve all students. I am a changemaker with a proven track record of system change through centering community voice. A proud single mom, I am a longtime advocate for children and families. I led a statewide CASA program to advocate for youth in child welfare. I was an Executive Director of a Seattle Helpline to support vulnerable families. Now as a consultant, I help nonprofits break down racially-based structures and barriers.  Prior to my appointment to the School Board, I was a regional PTSA leader representing NW Seattle and a classroom volunteer. 

My goal is to build a citywide educational community and a commitment to transparency and continuous communication. We must listen carefully to the voices of youth and families in order to create educational programs that serve individual learning and growth needs. 

Together, we can ensure that every student leaves Seattle Public Schools confident in their value and abilities. With your support, I will continue to center our educational policies and programs to focus on making education accessible and targeted to all students, particularly Black and Brown students, students furthest from educational justice, with and without disabilities, who have been systematically marginalized. 

As a school district and city, we must protect and lift up those most at risk of falling through the cracks, while reforming structures that marginalize or exclude. In an innovative city like Seattle, I know we can do better-- and do right by kids from all walks of life and lived experience.

Endorsed: Seattle Councilmember Dan Strauss; School Board Members Rankin, Hampson, DeWolf, Rivera-Smith, and Hersey; SCPTSA President Manuela Slye; SCPTSA District 3 Director Sam Fogg

Dan Harder

Dan Harder.png

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 5, Director District No. 5

PO BOX 20214


Education: Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer



The well-intentioned effort to combat bias in our society has turned into something deeply disturbing. I’ve lived in Capitol Hill for twelve years. I watched the events of last summer, where the peaceful protests degenerated into violent riots. As I sat at a sidewalk café, college-aged and younger protestors threatened and cursed at me when I recorded video. An apartment building was almost set on fire with people inside, as was a local police station. I was later shocked to realize that many of the young people leading and participating in this chaos were and are motivated by a radical ideology they learned in our schools: Critical Race Theory.


The premise of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “anti-racism” is that all social disparity is the result of systemic racism, and that group identity, not individual character, is the core of who you are. It teaches that the ends justify the means and that two wrongs make a right. CRT teaches students to hate each other, their country, and if they happen to be white, themselves.


CRT is fully endorsed by the SPS board through policies and curriculum adopted over the last few years. A video discussing “targeted universalism” on the SPS website endorses racial preferences. SPS “anti-racist” policy 0040, adopted last year, defines “whiteness” and “white supremacy culture” as “U.S. culture” and “a focus on individuals over groups”.


If elected, I will advocate for the removal of CRT from Seattle Public Schools curriculum and prioritize academic excellence over activism. I will also work to improve student safety, what with the recent creation of homeless camps on school property in some areas of Seattle Public Schools District 5. I would be honored to represent you on the Seattle School Board.

Crystal S. Liston

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 5, Director District No. 5

1434 20TH AVE


Education: No information submitted

Occupation: No information submitted



No statement submitted.

Michelle Sarju

Michelle Sarju.png

Running for: Seattle School Director District No. 5, Director District No. 5

PO BOX 20776


(206) 324-3143

Education: MSW, University of Washington; Certificate, Seattle Midwifery School; B.A. Communications, University of Oregon

Occupation: Implementation Manager, King County Public Health



I am running for Seattle School Board because I believe that every child - I mean every child - should have access to a high quality public school education. 


For 34 years I’ve called the Central District home, and as a Seattle Public Schools mom I have experienced the promise and the failure of our schools. Too often, demographics like race, zip code, socio-economic status, different abilities, first language, or the location of a child’s school determine the quality of education a student receives. This inequity is unacceptable. We can do better for our children.


This past year has pushed our students and families into survival mode, as they have navigated the virtual classroom and faced the physical, emotional, and mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we re-enter schools, our students deserve a champion who will put their needs first. SPS has historically failed to serve Black students and students of color, and we must close this opportunity gap. Our schools and teachers should understand the social-emotional needs and barriers facing marginalized students. I will ensure we invest in K-12 anti-racist curriculum, and will champion evidence-based metrics of success over standardized tests that leave so many students behind.


As a former Midwife, Social Worker, Maternal-Child Health professional, PTA member, and public servant, I will continue to work hard to identify the challenges facing Seattle Public Schools and I will collaborate with others to build effective and enduring solutions. Our students shouldn’t have to operate in resiliency mode to succeed in our public schools. Our children are our future, and it’s time we invest in their success.


Endorsed by King County Democrats, 11th & 36th LD Democrats, Emerald Youth Organizing Collective, Women of Color in Politics, Seattle School Board Director Zachary DeWolf, and Seattle Council PTSA President Manuela Slye.

Jenny Gallagher

Running for: Federal Way School District No. 210, Director District No. 4

35625 42ND PL S

AUBURN, WA 98001

Education: No information submitted.

Occupation: No information submitted.



I decided to run for this position because our schools are in dire need of change.  All one must do is look at the numbers to see how far behind we are in the state rankings. I have 3 boys, one graduated from Todd Beamer and my twins went through middle school here. I witnessed first hand working in our middle school the bullying, violence, and lack of structure we have. In one word I saw chaos. It was so bad I removed my kids from the district entirely and moved them to a neighboring one.

I shouldn’t have to do this. It’s unacceptable. My kids deserved better and your children, all children, do as well. We need for our wonderful teachers to be supported. I saw in person they are not.

Please research how we are doing in our district and choose someone who wants change.

Jim Storvick

Jim Storvick.png

Running for: Federal Way School District No. 210, Director District No. 4

3219 S 366TH ST

AUBURN, WA 98001

(253) 350-6743

Education: Bachelor's in Biology, Western Washington University after military service

Occupation: Commercial Banking - Management Career



We deserve a Board of Education with leaders that are transparent and accountable to the community, serving as an open and constructive voice of the community in our schools. We deserve leaders on the Board working wth all stakeholders in the community, and has experience working with complex organizations for results. I am that leader.


My family has lived here for decades, my wife and I have raised our children here as they moved through our schools and on to local colleges (UW and Highline). My wife is a local teacher. Both of us have had a wide range of community engagement. My experience includes: FWPS Business Advisory Board, founding committee member of Advancing Leadership, FW Schools Board Member and President (1997-2001) ... and numerous other community activities.


I believe in the "3 R's:" Respect ... for every student's right to a quality education; Responsibility ... for fiscal and personal accountability and high ethical standards; Results ... for students, educators, and the community.


I will work for safe, healthy, and productive schools, build support for education, strengthen community ties. and create business and civic partnerships. Respect, Responsibility, Results ... Vote Jim Storvick for Federal Way School Board, Director District #4.

Trudy Davis

Trudy Davis.png

Running for: Federal Way School District No. 210, Director District No. 4

TJ Davis for Schools, P. O. Box 52

MILTON, WA 98354

(206) 271-5671

Education: Howard University, PIMA Medical Institute

Occupation: Self Employed



 I'm a 25 year resident of Federal Way, I have been an active volunteer in the community and in it's schools.  I previously served in the US Army, had careers in banking, mortgage lending, and real estate.

I was appointed to the Federal Way Public School Board in October 2018, elected in 2019, and currently serving as Director of District #4 and Board Vice President. Volunteering in the schools gave me the opportunity to meet parents, school administrators, and students.  I keep my ear to the pavement, listening to our families, students, and stakeholders.

I do not come to the table with a personal agenda.  My only purpose is to ensure that every student in the FWPS District continue to receive the absolute best education possible. I will continue to advocate for equity, inclusion, expanded opportunities in AP, CTE, and other courses to allow students more pathways to success.  It's been my privilege to be a part of the continued growth and success of the FWPS District.  With your vote I can advocate for you keeping the district accountable and staying on it's path of doing what's right for it's students.

Janis Clark

Janis Clark.png

Running for: Federal Way School District No. 210, Director District No. 4

PO BOX 3092


(253) 330-6489

Education: Washington Military Academy (OCS); MS, Human Resources; BA, Business Management; AAS; High School Diploma.

Occupation: Founder and President, Safe Homes, a 501c3, non-profit



“The extent and duration of COVID-19 outbreak remains unknown and the impacts on our communities, schools and our economy are still in flux.”It has brought social and racial injustice and inequity to the forefront of education. It has hindered educational opportunities for some of the most vulnerable students. Some students may have found great success in virtual classrooms, while others found freedom from racism, bullying, and harassment while learning at home. Whether our children are in a hybrid or 100% remote school settings; they deserve a quality education. 


As the Founder and unpaid Executive Director of Safe Homes, I have served the social-emotional, and informal educational needs of our communities’ children for over 25 years. My knowledge and experience will help me to provide leadership and build a vision all can share in.As a former Senior HR Manager, I have established performance criteria and developed policies and procedures concerning hiring,contracting, terminating, and evaluating staff; both classified and certificated. I was responsible for ensuring the five Collective Bargaining Agreements was negotiated in good faith.


The board must be responsive and listen to all constituents. I ask for your vote. It is a time for change.

Janelle Lucero

Janelle Lucero.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 2

2229 82ND AVE SE


(502) 592-8850

Education: Utah Valley University

Occupation: Small Business Owner and Mother



This year brought immense challenges for the youngest members of our city and those supporting them. I feel called to join the effort required to ensure the success of all students and I will work to understand the issues and policies impacting them and advocate for the success of MISD.

As a parent, board member, and community advocate, I will be committed to the legacy of academic excellence and prioritize holistic policies that empower our children and prepare them for the future. I will listen and educate myself on the challenges the district faces in order to make the best possible decisions.

My children will receive a public education on Mercer Island. As a parent I rely on my support system and want to contribute to a school system that gives hope and a future to each child it serves. I appreciate your confidence and humbly ask for your vote. 

Elle Nguyen

Elle Nguyen.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 2

1121 North Vassault Drive

Tacoma, WA 98046

(425) 336-9958

Education: B.A. in Biblical Study/Theology and M.A. in Practical Ministry at Regent University

Occupation: Investment Strategist



I will make sure we protect and preserve our most precious asset, our children. Recent government mandates and legislature overreach have placed our children’s learning institutions into virtual programming centers. Critical Race Theory and the legislature approved “Sex Education Bill” are prime examples why government does not belong in deciding education curriculum.

A vibrant School Board must pay close attention to all its curriculum being taught to children at every level of education. Our schools must strive for continuous improvement.  It is vital we provide students with all the necessary tools to succeed, both educationally and professionally. 

Academic success must be the primary focus of our fabulous educators. Washington is blessed with exceptional teachers that rely on a parent-teacher collaboration; relationship is crucial to student development and must be cultivated. My children are my top priority.  I ask for your vote to allow me to be your children's advocate.

Dan Glowitz

Dan Glowitz.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 2

3040 78th Ave SE #619


Education: J.D., University of Michigan; BA - Political Science, Amherst College (magna cum laude); MIHS (1999)

Occupation: Attorney (focused on corporate governance and intellectual property); stay-at-home parent



Mercer Island should be a beacon that shows what’s possible in a small, well-educated, and passionate community that values education.

Our school system and our city have prospered by maintaining high academic standards and by earning the public’s trust.  As a board member, I will strengthen this legacy by promoting open dialogue and ensuring that decisions are driven by data.  My legal background has prepared me to work collaboratively while asking hard questions.  Volunteering on Mercer Island has inspired a heart-felt belief that a more equitable future depends upon our children receiving a well-rounded education that focuses on fundamentals and doesn’t reduce the curriculum to catchphrases.  Together we can prepare students to thrive and tackle tomorrow’s problems in an interconnected world by providing a supportive environment with enough mental health counselors to meet their urgent needs.

Endorsements:  41st LD Democrats; Deputy Mayor Wendy Weiker; David D’Souza; Ralph Jorgenson; Kristy Sieckhaus

Brian Giannini Upton

Brian Giannini Upton.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 2

3040 78TH AVE SE #670

MERCER ISLAND, WA 98040-0670

(206) 860-4992

Education: University of Wyoming, Fine Arts and Education

Occupation: Dad, Community Volunteer, Advocate for Students and Public Education



As a School Board Director, I work tirelessly to honor our district’s history, and to enrich and protect resources for each student. I am focused on strategic advocacy, policy development, and student centered priorities such as rigorous learning, inclusive and equitable environments, and safe and supportive school communities. I serve as a liaison to district advisory committees and collaborate with cross-district workgroups addressing emerging critical issues. As a regionally elected member of the WSSDA Legislative Committee, I regularly convey our children’s needs and aspirations to policy makers from Olympia to Washington D.C.


It is an honor to serve our District. I will continue to ensure that each child, regardless of race, characteristic, or circumstance, has the support and resources they need to create their future.


Endorsements: Senator Lisa Wellman, Representative Tana Senn, Representative My-Linh Thai, Former Representative Marcie Maxwell, MISD Pathfinder Dawn Bennett, WA 41st Democrats, WA Stonewall Democrats

Joanna Sheppard

Joanna Sheppard.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 4

8203 SE 38TH PL


(425) 681-4656

Education: Mercer Island Schools Alumna; Associate in Arts and Sciences, Bellevue College; STARS Child Care Certification

Occupation: Early Childhood Educator



Joanna is a Mercer Island resident of 20 years. She graduated from Mercer Island schools where our strong community shaped her. As an early childhood educator, Joanna has experienced firsthand the impact 2020 and virtual learning has had on our students.

During the transition from virtual to in-person learning, we must meet the needs of the whole student by fostering an inclusive environment and prioritizing mental health.

Joanna is running for school board to take an active role in educating the next generation. As a director, she will work with parents and school administration to advocate for student well-being and academic success. "I want to ensure that our children have safety, success, and stability in their education system. I would be honored to serve our community on the school board, and I thank you for your vote." -Joanna

Lacey Aaker

Lacey Aaker.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 4

8203 SE 38TH PL


(425) 681-4656

Education: Mercer Island Schools Alumna; Associate in Arts and Sciences, Bellevue College; STARS Child Care Certification

Occupation: Early Childhood Educator



Joanna is a Mercer Island resident of 20 years. She graduated from Mercer Island schools where our strong community shaped her. As an early childhood educator, Joanna has experienced firsthand the impact 2020 and virtual learning has had on our students.

During the transition from virtual to in-person learning, we must meet the needs of the whole student by fostering an inclusive environment and prioritizing mental health.

Joanna is running for school board to take an active role in educating the next generation. As a director, she will work with parents and school administration to advocate for student well-being and academic success. "I want to ensure that our children have safety, success, and stability in their education system. I would be honored to serve our community on the school board, and I thank you for your vote." -Joanna

Deborah Lurie

Deborah Lurie.png

Running for: Mercer Island School District No. 400, Director Position No. 4

4859 90TH PL SE


(206) 669-8779

Education: JD, American University. BA, Business Administration, Franklin and Marshall College, MIHS Class of 1990

Occupation: Attorney, King County Department of Public Defense



Mercer Island School District is committed to providing an excellent education for our children and dedicated to the value that 'Students are the Priority.' As Director, it has been my duty to ensure that every decision made by the District is made with that value at the forefront. We need leaders who are committed to our vision to serve all students, to hear and balance many voices, and to make the right decisions.

I'm running for school board to put my qualifications and values to work.

I have spent 21 years advocating for children and families in the legal system. I listen carefully, know every child has unique needs, consider all viewpoints, solve challenging problems with few resources and make critical, life-changing decisions. The Mercer Island community, our families, and our kids expect and deserve the best outcomes, and I am committed to building on our very successful history.

Leo Novsky

Leo Novsky.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 3

P.O. Box 1392


(360) 851-9692

Education: BA from the University of Chicago, MBA from the University of Dallas

Occupation: Director of Community Engagement, Keiretsu Forum Northwest



I’m the dad who races to school on bikes every school day. Pre-pandemic, I volunteered in classrooms every other Friday to support our amazing teachers. My daughter’s finishing 1st grade at Wilburton and my son’s finishing 3rd grade at Spiritridge. They both have special needs. I’m determined to restart the critical services for the most vulnerable students as soon as possible.


I’m the professional who has taught English in Japan, Entrepreneurship at UW-Bothell, coached broadly on the power of authentic communication, and led a non-profit that helped prepare incarcerated individuals with job skills. I’m dedicated to fighting for equity and giving voice to underrepresented in our community.


I’m the immigrant from the former Soviet Union who started 7th grade without speaking English. Inspiring teachers and public schools have given me the tools to succeed. I’m committed to keeping our public schools overseen by an independent, democratically elected board. 


If elected, I will be the board member who works to heal our community, asks tough questions and partners with the other board members, and the community to select the best superintendent to lead Bellevue schools into the future.  To remain as impartial as possible, I’m not seeking endorsements or campaign donations.

Faye Yang

Faye Yang.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 3

12819 SE 38TH ST #346


(425) 202-5751

Education: Master of Science- Florida International University; Medical Doctor- Huaxi Medical School, Sichuan University China

Occupation: Nutrition Service Director, Registered Dietitian



The pandemic has had a profound impact on our school district. I'm running to bring my passion of being an advocate for our families to the school board.

Known as the "School Lunch Mom" by many in the district, I led the campaign for twenty-minute seating time to ensure that basic health needs of children are met. My two-year advocacy resulted in an updated BSD lunch policy and the introduction of the state legislature HB1272.

Having served on the frontline of the pandemic since day one, I'll bring firsthand knowledge to the safe transition to full-time in-person learning and the speedy recovery of our students academically and emotionally.

My journey as a first-generation immigrant and having a child with special needs have taught me the importance of working with people of all backgrounds. I support a tailored curriculum that suits each student and a devotion to excellence. Through collaboration of all parties, we can revitalize the best K-12 program in the state and welcome back the thousands of students who have left BSD. I believe strongly in transparency and accountability and look forward to helping our students emerge from the biggest challenge of their generation stronger than ever. Thank you!

Joyce Shui

Joyce Shui.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 3



(425) 243-3609

Education: Harvard University (AB), New York University School of Law (JD)

Occupation: SAP, Lead Senior Legal Counsel; The Purple School, LLC owner



It’s been a disruptive, divisive year. It’s time to come together as a community for our students. My commitment to children’s learning and my advocacy for all voices makes me the right choice to help our children continue on the road to excellence, equity, and empathy. 


Excellence. I’ve chosen to raise my four children in Bellevue because of our district’s academic excellence. I’m committed to advancing our reputation for excellence and increasing rigor and opportunities for all students. 


Equity and Empathy. As an Asian American woman who has experienced racism, I know it’s important to empower each other. I’ve used my platform as a small business owner to advocate for equity. My small business has taught languages to thousands of children in support of bilingualism and cross-cultural competency. We need to listen (and be heard) with empathy to heal. I will collaborate with all constituents to ensure a safe and respectful process for recovery from the pandemic. I will be fair-minded, soliciting and respecting diverse opinions to help guide the district. 

Endorsements: Chris Marks, Sen. Wellman, Sen. Kuderer,  Rep. Thai, Rep. Slatter, Mayor Robinson, Councilmember Barksdale, Bellevue Education Association, 41st and 48th Democrats, Women of Color in Politics, and more.

Gregg Smith

Gregg Smith.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 5

PO BOX 53421


(425) 214-5335

Education: Bachelor's in Business Administration, University of Washington

Occupation: Broadband Business Owner, Volunteer, Entrepreneur, and Management Consultant



I am running for Board because the Bellevue School District (BSD), once highly sought-after, has fallen behind and lost focus on what matters – students!  I want to fix this by re-evaluating the needs of our diverse students, then delivering a program, in a fair and equal way, that inspires each student to achieve their maximum potential.

Throughout the pandemic, BSD has consistently failed to meet the needs of its students. Our neighboring districts rose to the challenge, yet BSD readily gave in to unreasonable demands from the Teachers’ union (BEA) and our students were left with learning opportunities that ranked at the bottom of the state.  BEA and BSD need to be held accountable with more transparency.

Once students are back full-time, there will be the challenge of getting them back to excellence – both academically and emotionally.  There needs to be a strategy developed for this.

I bring an abundance of passion and experience, including PTSA VP, Director of after-school enrichment, Room Parent, ambassador for the BSD School Bond, and an active community volunteer. Our schools exist to serve our students. I will work hard to get our students back to excellence, both academically and emotionally. Please vote for me.

Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 5

6129 115TH PL SE


(206) 335-6561


Education: Bachelor's of Business Administration, Northwood University; MBA coursework at Eastern Washington University

Occupation: Business Owner, Dataworks Consulting, Inc.



I have been a resident of Newport Hills for more than 20 years and actively supporting my community through my service as Treasurer of the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scout Troop Leader, and small business owner. I am deeply concerned by the impact of COVID-19 on our school district and how it has affected the relationships between parents, teachers, as well as the school administration and board. My family, especially my two daughters, has been deeply affected by this past school year as we have observed the pandemic tear at the seams of our community—especially our schools.


My goal in serving on the school board is to engage students, families, educators, and the community to create an equitable and inclusive environment where all students can thrive and succeed. I believe the board should make its decisions transparent to build trust as well as take responsibility for the community’s limited financial and environmental resources.


I believe bringing people together and building relationships will enable us to create a better tomorrow for our children and strengthen our community as we all strive to recover from perhaps the greatest challenge of our lifetimes. 

Jane Aras

Jane Aras.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 5

PO BOX 40125


(206) 295-2511

Education: Masters (M.Ed.), Special Education, UW; Bachelors (B.Ed.), Special Education with Endorsement in Psychology, Gonzaga University

Occupation: Former General and Special Education Teacher; Community Advocate for Education



As we recover from our collective trauma of COVID-19, our children, parents, and broader education community deserve collaborative leadership to rebuild trust and unity. We need a voice for all our children. We need policies that inspire and empower all students to excel and maintain high academic standards, while at the same time address our mental health crisis and support our students’ social and emotional needs.

Jane’s extensive experience in education and health advocacy, data driven approach, and proven ability to collaborate with our diverse community makes her the right person to face the pandemic fallout, and set a new course for our district’s future.

Jane has taught both special and general education, has been a longtime advocate for equity, and has seen firsthand the challenges students’ face –cultural assimilation, discrimination, bullying, and mental health issues. She has also worked with highly-capable students to keep them inspired both with and beyond their academics, with exceptional outcomes. Jane will be the voice for all our children.

Endorsed: Bellevue Education Association; 41st & 48th District Democrats; State Senators Wellman & Kuderer; State Reps. Thai, Callan, Senn, Slatter & Maxwell (fmr.); Bellevue Mayor Robinson and Councilmembers Barksdale, Stokes & Zahn; and many more!

Valeri Makam

Valeri Makam.png

Running for: Bellevue School District No. 405, Director District No. 5

5806 119TH AVE SE STE A #130


Education: Bachelor of Science: UC Berkeley, Masters of Business Administration: UC Davis, IB Diploma: High School

Occupation: Senior Manager at T-Mobile, Community Advocate for Education



In the pandemic, many children received an inadequate education, teachers felt unsupported, and parents struggled with work and childcare.  I am running for school board to improve communications, enhance curriculum, and build connections that will guide our district on a path of recovery.

To help us recover and rebuild trust, I will drive authentic and transparent communications, prioritizing our childrens’ needs.

Educational excellence is paramount.  After a year of virtual learning, we need to expand hands-on learning programs for K-12 and increase STEM electives/internship opportunities across a variety of fields.  Let’s ensure every child is on a path to finding their passion before graduation.

To build connection and support, our district needs to prioritize mental health. I will ensure appropriate access to counselors and family services. This last year, I established social emotional learning groups at my son’s elementary school, partnering with a local non-profit focused on compassion and empathy – resulting in positive and profound impacts. As a child of immigrants, a 3rd and 7th grade parent, I have served in school PTAs, curriculum adoption committees, and district level equity task forces. I have strong acumen to dig deep, uncover root issues and a heartfelt dedication to our children.   

Amber Wright

Amber Wright.png

Running for: Riverview School District No. 407, Director District No. 5

PO BOX 1131

DUVALL, WA 98019

(907) 599-0317

Education: Graduate of Cedarcrest High School, Student at University of Alaska Fairbanks Business School of Management.

Occupation: CMO at Sahasrara Inc, Financial Professional and Accountant at Eupori.



I wish to help improve the Riverview School System where parents are proud to send their kids.  I intend to improve on the curriculum by bringing the focus to real Human Values and critical thinking skills.  Parents need to feel comfortable with the materials being taught with a transparent system between the parents and the school.

Our personal medical choices do not need to be public information or required to be disclosed in order to attend school.  If a child or young adult wishes to wear a mask, this is their own choice.

I wish to also focus on the development of science and technology studies.  There are many exciting and engaging areas that can be brought into our schools to help advance our young adults innovation and natural curiosity.  In conclusion, I want to help the schools be the best they can be, and I ask for your vote.

Rachel Frodsham

Rachel Frodsham.png

Running for: Riverview School District No. 407, Director District No. 5

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Political Science, University of Washington

Occupation: Business Manager, Microsoft Corporation



There are unique challenges facing our school board as we continue to navigate both the pandemic and our growing community.  Unique challenges are best addressed by diverse opinions and fresh perspectives.  The current school board has been in place since 2015 and the majority even longer.  While continuity is important, so is change.

Transparency and communication are vital to fostering and maintaining community engagement to ensure all voices are heard.  This is an area that can be improved by our school board.  These pillars are critical to ensuring high level of community support.

While I do not have school board or school administration experience, my skills gained during 18 years of corporate work would directly translate to this role.  I am skilled at navigating ambiguity, being transparent, and communicating across differences.  I have two children in the district and have been part of this community for 14 years.

Sabrina F. Parnell

Sabrina F. Parnell.png

Running for: Riverview School District No. 407, Director District No. 5

27827 NE 156TH PL

DUVALL, WA 98019

(425) 788-4216

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Gonzaga University

Occupation: Administrative Assistant



It is an honor to serve as a board member for Riverview School District. I am a passionate education advocate who cares deeply about our students, staff, parents, and our community.  I am proud to help lead the district through the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic.  Students are back in the classroom, and we expect a full return to in-class learning this Fall.  Through these challenges we balanced the needs of the community, students, and district employees.

My family has lived in Duvall for 19 years. My involvement over the years includes committees, PTSA, the Riverview Ambassador Program, and as a school director.

In the last 5 years Riverview has: increased the graduation rate to 97%, received the Board of the Year award, and is recognized as a national leader in ‘student voice.’  Much work remains to allow every student to be successful. Please vote to re-elect Sabrina Parnell.

Amy Lombard

Running for: Tahoma School District No. 409, Director District No. 1

21509 SE 258TH ST


(425) 603-0183

Education: No information submitted

Occupation: No information submitted



No statement submitted.

Kyle Meyers

Kyle Meyers.png

Running for: Tahoma School District No. 409, Director District No. 1

21756 SE 262ND PL


(425) 465-8427

Education: Bachelor’s in Economics, Colorado State University

Occupation: Vice President of Technology and Project Management, Independent Mortgage Banker



Being a father of 3 and a grandfather of 4, I understand that our children and grandchildren deserve the best education our taxes can provide.  The educational standards that have made an American education one of the most respected achievements in the world are changing.  We need to get back to those standards and an educational system that expresses our community values and beliefs, focuses on foundational curriculum, drives cognitive thinking and puts substantive skills-based learning back in the forefront.  I stand for the children, parents and citizens of Maple Valley who want education to be the spring-board to a meaningful role in American society.

My experience managing processes, projects, people and budgets, coupled with my ability to bring people together for their common goals, makes me a great choice for Tahoma School Board. I humbly ask for your vote.

Haley Pendergraft

Haley Pendergraft.png

Running for: Tahoma School District No. 409, Director District No. 1

21803 SE 246TH ST


(206) 353-4566

Education: BA Psychology University of Washington, Master in Teaching Seattle University

Occupation: General Contractor



In the past 41 years I’ve been a citizen of Maple Valley, a graduate of Tahoma, taught public school, owned a local business and led the Maple Valley Lions Club. I’m happily married, a devoted mother of two Tahoma students and a lifelong learner.  While being involved with many facets of Maple Valley, I’ve developed the belief that our students should be the heart of our city.  Our school board directors have the charge and opportunity to bring cutting-edge learning concepts and strategies, provide safe and enriching academic environments, ensure equity for all, and support our children in becoming future ready.  Amongst this important work will be developing strategies to remedy unfinished learning resulting from the pandemic, support social/emotional challenges and provide future housing solutions to support our thriving population.  Joining this work would be my greatest honor. Please vote.

Bryon Madsen

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 4

23006 135TH AVE SE

KENT, WA 98042

Education: Brigham Young University, BA Accoutning MA Tax

Occupation: Chief Development & Strategy Officer



I submitted my name as an option to vote for a person who's focus is the parents, students and teachers of our Kent Community.  Education occurs in the classroom, not at the district office.  A board member's responsibility and loyalty is to be and remain with the community.  It is to hold the district accountable.  You should feel comfortable coming to a board meeting, addressing the board and feel that your and your student's voice matters.  You should feel that the board member is there to be your advocate.  There are a number of people running in District 4.  As long as you vote for a person who will be fiercely loyal to you, I am satisfied.  If you feel I am the best option, feel free to vote for me.  If elected, I will be singularly loyal to you and your student.

Willie Middleton, Sr.

Willie Middleton, Sr..png

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 4

10605 SE 240TH ST #108

KENT, WA 98031

(206) 660-0371

Education: Associate of Appled Science - Accounting, six years of college

Occupation: Retired Vietnam Veteran



I am excited to announce my membership and volunteer  on the Kent School Board. I lived in Kent for 30 years. My passion is to help our youth in receiving quality education.

Job Career:

* Four years Air Force Active Duty; * 28 years Air Force Reserves - Flight Engineer & Safety Instructor; * King County Metro Transit  - Transit Operator, Public Safety Partnership Coordinator, Safety Committee Member ; * Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance Agent; * Financial Services Consultant; * Home-Base Business Owner; * Local Youth Pilot Program - Our mission is to provide education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

I appreciate and thank you for your vote.

Bradley Kenning

Bradley Kenning.png

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 4

12840 SE 234TH ST

KENT, WA 98031

(206) 786-4676

Education: AAS-Media Communications

Occupation: Father of two, Kent community member, Real Estate Broker



As a proud longtime resident of Kent, my goal for representing you as a board member is to listen to you, be transparent, represent you in my votes, advocate for our children, and hold our leadership accountable. My wife and I are raising our two daughters here in the Kent School District. My vote as a board member directly affects our children just as it does your kids and our community. We are all in this together.

I have no intention of voting with my emotions. My voting will be a direct reflection of the expectations of this community for all of our children. Your voices in this community will be represented to the best of my ability.

Parents do not have a union; we have a school board and they must reflect us all. Both of my parents were schoolteachers and I understand that we must be productive not destructive.

We need to hold our leaders accountable for the selection and evaluations of the superintendent. We need to be fiscally responsible with our budget. And most importantly; as a community it is our voices, strong beliefs and values that create what is possible for our kids.

Awale Farah

Awale Farah.png

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 4

P.O.BOX 5698

KENT, WA 98064

(253) 266-5905

Education: BS, Computer Science, M.A. Strategic Intelligence and Analysis. Currently pursuing Doctoral of Law and Policy

Occupation: Small business owner and Telecommunications Engineer



My name is Awale Farah, and I am a long-time resident of Kent. My four children are graduates of the Kent School District.

The pandemic continues to engender challenges, as the school district emerges from this crisis, I will listen to families to develop successful pathways to learning. I am motivated to bring diverse communities together to share their experiences and expectations of the Kent School District.

Some of my community involvements are being the President of the Kent Kiwanis and a volunteer with Living Well Kent. I serve as a board member for Communities in Schools, Children’s Therapy Center, and Greater Kent Historical Society.

My engineering career, including twenty years at Boeing and AT&T, developed my leadership skills through managing teams of fifty employees and overseeing a $250 million budget. I will work on the goals and mission of the Kent School District and be mindful of the financial responsibilities. It will be exciting to create a “new normal” for our children’s education, and I look forward to working with other members of the Kent School Board I am a positive thinker who learns from the past in order to enhance the present and design a better future.

George Alvarez

George Alvarez.png

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 5

26709 106TH AVE SE

KENT, WA 98030

Education: No information submitted

Occupation: No information submitted



Parents have questioned what works best as long as formal education has existed. Everybody wants the best education for their child. Our schools closed when mine was in Kindergarten, but in that short time I started questioning the quality of education he may receive going forward.


There’s increasing evidence that digital educating inhibits learning. That exposing young children to digital tech causes the brain to wire itself to work in short bursts. Then when they reach high school and need to dig down and do deeper studying, they struggle with it. The brain has not wired itself for that task.


So believe me that I got a sinking feeling when I visited my son’s Kindergarten class and saw a cluster of computers there. Will education as it’s structured today provide him with the critical thinking skills to successfully navigate the world as it will be 20 years from now? I worry we may be wrong in embracing technology as we have and diminishing the role of teachers in education. 


When my child reaches high school I want our schools to be amongst the best in the country. We deserve a Board that will question if we're on the right track.

Tim Clark

Tim Clark.png

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 5

26121 Woodland Way S

Kent, WA 98030

(253) 854-1895

Education: Masters of Arts in American Studies, Pepperdine Univ. 1982

Bachelors in Education, Seattle Univ. 1968

Occupation: Retired



School Board decisions post COVID19 will be crucial as we assess needed changes, consider areas where improvement is needed, and incorporate lessons learned from remote instruction during the pandemic. Class sizes and the need to support instruction at home for everyone created challenges for students and staff this year, exposing differences in learning barriers faced by our diverse student population. Keeping students and staff safe is a primary goal requiring policies which reflect the latest science. The public has been supportive of the district      technology programs expanded when I previously served as a school board member, and I support continuing our partnership with Green River College in technology education.


My educational career as a Kentridge High School teacher and ten years of teaching at area community colleges has taught me what teachers need from administration to be effective in their jobs. Previous elected service on the Kent School District Board of Directors, Green River College Board of Directors, and Kent City Council taught me the challenges administrations face and the importance of sustaining programs and tracking expenditures of large public budgets. I believe my experience prepares me to serve you well as on Kent School Board. I appreciate your vote!

Sara Franklin

Sara Franklin.png

Running for: Kent School District No. 415, Director District No. 5

10605 SE 240TH ST #653

KENT, WA 98031

(206) 856-8098

Education: High School Graduate

Occupation: King County Government; Community Volunteer



We all know that our kids are our future. Their success determines which way our city, state and country moves forward. We need to invest early and often in our students, their success, lay a path and strong foundation for their successful future.

As a board member, I will work hard to ensure we have real accountability, transparency and actual results for Kent families. We need to put politics aside and get back to focusing on our kids..

As a parent, I stand side by side with all of you in wanting what is the best for our kids and their futures. I have fought over the years to advocate for education equity.

I serve on the State Commission on African American Affairs, volunteer with KentHope, the Greater Kent Historical Society and City of Kent Cultural Communities Board. I would be honored to earn your vote.

Brian M. Travis

Brian M. Travis.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No.1

2005 185TH PL SE APT J102


Education: No information submitted.

Occupation: No information submitted.



America is a nation founded upon the words "all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" for over 200 years these words have guided us as one nation. We are a people that believe our government officials must "derive their just powers from the consent of the governed"

For those who still believe children should be valued for who they are and not "what they are'' as members of any group, race, or ethnicity; I stand for you. Sadly, children, parents, and teachers need protection from greedy, self-interested teachers’ unions and their allies in the state government who believe children and their education are the property of unions and the state. Stand up and be counted. Let children be children, stop burdening them with deviant ideas about sexuality and gender. All too soon the children of today shall bear the burdens of adulthood; it is not for the state to replace a child’s parents.

Stop teaching children to hate their own heritage, ancestors and homeland.

Boys and girls of all races, colors, and creeds; deserve an "America First" education about our country and the values it was founded upon in 1776.

Michael Albrecht

Michael Albrecht.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No.1

19030 29TH AVE SE


(253) 642-7799

Education: Dean's List: University of Washington

Occupation: Ambassador for the NW Sarcoma Foundation (2015-Present)



I love Northshore. I’ve spent my entire school career here. I’ve received plaudits from Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, Governor Jay Inslee, and a former U.S. Secretary of Education for my work with various youth organizations. Having also received the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award, the highest student award granted by the U.S. Department of Education, I know what academic excellence looks like. Additionally, as a three-time cancer fighter, I will devote my tenacity to the families of the Northshore District.


I believe no child should be left behind, yet some students have been forgotten: students with disabilities, single-family households, minority communities, and poor internet connections have been disproportionately affected by school closures. As your school board director, I will ensure that all individuals have an equitable place in our schools.


As a gay man, I believe that all students should be prideful about themselves and their education. However, it is shameful that graphic, sexual images may be displayed to our youngest students. As your board member, with oversight of the curriculum, I commit to preserving the innocence of our youth.


I'll never lose sight of the most critical asset of the district--our children. Let me serve you.

Jacqueline McGourty

Jacqueline McGourty.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No.1

PO BOX 566


(425) 780-6213

Education: BS; Biology/Chemistry, Univ. of Puget Sound. MS/PhD; Biochemistry/Molecular/Cellular Biology, Northwestern Univ.

Occupation: Primary/Owner, Scientific Consulting company. Northshore School Board Director



It has been an honor to serve the Northshore School District over the last four years and it would be a privilege to continue to put my passion for public education to work for this community.

This award-winning Board has done great things over the last 4 years, including; increased access to childcare, music, hi-cap, and mental health supports; opening new/upgraded facilities to provide safe learning environments; decreasing opportunity/outcome gaps; adding safety and equity teams in all schools; and advocating with legislators to support our students and community. And we  acted quickly to guide and serve our community in a global crisis. I am so proud of the work we have done and the future of education as we move out of this pandemic. 

But the work must continue.  It is critical to fully fund education, close opportunity/outcome gaps, teach students as individual learners, and provide that support and access in early childhood.  My skills and background in science, management, budget, legislative advocacy, team-building, teaching and troubleshooting make me uniquely qualified to serve this critical role.

I would be honored to continue the great work of the Northshore School District and respectfully request your vote.

Elizabeth Crowley

Elizabeth Crowley.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No.1

PO Box 12183

Mill Creek, WA 98082

(971) 361-8177

Education: MS Security Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology; CISSP; Computer Forensics Cert, UW

Occupation: Cyber Security Leader, Boeing



I’m running for school board because I’m a concerned parent of an elementary student.  I don’t have political aspirations. I want to be a positive example for my daughter, demonstrating strong values and community commitment. Connect with me and I will ‘be the change we want to see’.

My skills as leader of a cyber-team, active listening, critical thinking, being proactive, setting high expectations and making informed decisions will serve us on the Board.

I have watched stress levels and mental health issues escalate in our community.  Apps replaced in person time. Connections were severed.  Children will enter the next school year with diminished educational and emotional experiences; we need to proactively provide a suite of tools and services and be flexible, delivering the resources needed for children to not just recover but to excel.

Our children need our help to: Improve connections among schools, community, and the Board; Rebuild our support system focusing on emotional and educational growth; Deliver resources equitably to develop the whole child in school and extracurricular activities; Implement secure modern infrastructure, drive policy enhancements to foster a safe learning environment. Let’s give children limitless opportunities. Let’s Connect; Let’s be the changes they need.

Katya Bautista

Katya Bautista.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 4

3927 243RD PL SE UNIT I101


(425) 908-0326

Education: Belarusian National Technical University, Master's Degree, Industrial Heat-Power Engineering

Occupation: Current: Energy Consultant, BEE Consulting; Prior: Design Engineer, NAFTAN



Northshore was a great district with stated aspirations to become amazing. Sadly, graduation rates have declined, and mental health has plummeted. Diversity has driven division and we have been plagued by inaction, lack of transparency, and a frustrated community. With a true diverse background, obsession with academic excellence, and educating the whole child, I’m committed to changing this.

I was raised in Belarus, Europe, graduated top of class, becoming the first engineer in my family to earn a masters’. I've benefited from a high-quality and diverse education. Diverse experiences, expectations and ideas from different professions and countries. My bilingual child is entering our district and I’m committed to providing all students with a diverse and high-quality education.

Before moving to America, I belonged to a union. If it works for the people, unions serve their purpose. Balance is imperative. Having experienced both, I’m committed to restoring balance. National pride must also be restored in our youth. Growing up in a country where that was void, I always saw America as a great nation. We must foster this in our public education again.

Family and education shape worldviews. Let's restore our public education, starting with Northshore. Expand Horizons with Katya.

Sandy R. Hayes

Sandy R. Hayes.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 4

13147 NE 145TH PL


(425) 892-4080

Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington, 1991, Juris Doctor, University of Washington, 1994

Occupation: I have a restorative justice practice.



The last year and a half have been so heart-breaking with Covid-19 causing loss of life and jobs, and damaging mental health and relationships.  We have much work to do to repair and heal.  Our public schools have a prominent role to play in that and we have learned that education can change and innovate.  Now more than ever we need sound leadership on the School Board, to rethink the how, what and most especially the why of public education.  The world was changing before the pandemic and that change has only accelerated.  With your continued support, I will bring the voices of parents, students, and educators together to ensure all of our students are prepared for jobs that do not yet exist, in a world that will look dramatically different than what existed even a few years ago.  I believe that every one of our students can and should be a contributing member of our community and I want to be part of the conversation of how we get there. 


Endorsements -  1st, 45th and 46th District Democrats, Northshore Education Association, Northshore Education Office Managers, Secretaries and Professional Technical Employees, Rep. April Berg, Rep. Davina Duerr, Rep. Gerry Pollet

Chris Roberdeau

Chris Roberdeau.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 4

PO BOX 2847

WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-2847

(425) 522-3362

Education: BS - Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Academy; MS - Engineering, USC; MBA, Arizona State University

Occupation: PMO Director, Astronics Advanced Electronics Systems



Having led military, not-for-profit, and aerospace teams, I bring extensive experience in training high-performing professionals across a variety of disciplines. I come from a family of teachers and a union leader, providing me with educational perspectives from successful schools nationwide. I also intimately understand the challenges teachers face and the critical role they have in educating our kids. I'm ready to hit the ground running, and lead the mission of making the best district for students to create their futures.

Beyond returning kids to classrooms full-time, we must:  focus on academics, returning students to grade level standards; extend opportunities for all to safely participate in all activities; implement budget transparency, operate within our means, and reduce community burden.  Our schools are an investment and should yield results, equitably. All schools must have equitable access to technology, learning and extracurricular opportunities, including building renovations and improvements.

I will bring my decisive leadership, passion for education, and ability to drive action and get results to ensure that we “strengthen the community through excellence in education” and give our children the education they deserve.

I am ready to lead. A vote for Chris is a vote to Create Futures.

Amy Felt

Amy Felt.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 5

17530 214TH AVE NE


(425) 243-3005

Education: Bachelor’s - Business Administration, University of Washington; Juris Doctorate, University of Idaho School of Law

Occupation: Attorney - Felt Law



It’s time for action!  We need to put students first and focus on education. I know Northshore schools. For nine years, I have been working in classrooms with students, in the PTA, organizing and event planning, and also coaching youth sports in the community. I love when schools work well for children. Northshore School District can do better for all our children. Too many children have been left behind. That’s why I'm running. As a parent of five in the district, I'm invested in the successful education of all children.

Last year was rough, but the inaction of the existing School Board made a bad situation worse. I have seen students succeed and struggle. Our children, families and community deserve a voice.

I am that voice. I am a leader who is willing to listen and collaborate to solve problems.  We must mend the divide between parents, teachers, administrators, and the union. I’ll bring proactive leadership, transparent communications and collaborative results. We're a team!

Professionally, I'm an attorney, with experience in both state and municipal law. I recognize when schools are failing their primary mission, the education of our children. Let’s make education priority #1. Students First. Vote Amy Felt.

Angela Chapman

Angela Chapman.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 5

PO Box 2667


(425) 470-3674

Education: BA, Northwest University; Certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising Management, University of Washington

Occupation: Individual Giving Manager, Youth Eastside Services



Our public schools are in uncharted territory. Never before has a pandemic impacted education so drastically. We can't solve this problem with antiquated approaches. Recovery is only possible if we comprehensively address all students' academic and mental health recovery. As a parent of three kids, each with unique learning goals, I'm driven to help.

I’m well acquainted with the learning challenges students face when they need more help to achieve academic standards and success. I grew up with a learning disability and yet graduated top of class in college. I know what it takes to get there. We need a comprehensive recovery plan. I have that plan: Recover student academic, social and emotional wellbeing; Respond and act to address the mental health crisis; Remove barriers.

We need leaders who enable students to thrive. I devoted my career to advancing the needs of children and youth.  I will uphold policies that support families, teachers, and our community at large. I will advocate strongly on behalf of students with diverse learning needs to increase equity for all. I will listen and offer solutions that benefit the community at large.  Voting for me empowers district progress. Recovery Now. Thank you for your vote.

Jasmine Lee Fry

Jasmine Lee Fry.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 5

19031 201ST AVE NE


(425) 205-9209

Education: Bacherlor of Arts in English Literature, University of California, Irvine

Occupation: Business owner



I started volunteering more than a decade ago in Northshore schools to benefit my children's educational experience. Today, I am running for school board to improve outcomes for all students.

I have a proven track record of leading through partnerships with the community, teachers and administrators. I served on volunteer boards of local PTAs and the Northshore HiCap Parents Council.  As a former reporter, I covered different districts and understand the complexities of how our public education system operates. We deserve a leader who can navigate the nuances of fully and safely reopening our campuses in the fall. I have the skills required to gather input from a diversity of voices  in the community, identify solutions and accomplish results.

My goal is to improve educational equity - particularly removing obstacles for students from marginalized communities. I would bring this important and needed perspective to the board because equity not only brightens the future of our students, it strengthens our community.

Together we can make Northshore a place where all students have the opportunity to meet their potential. My endorsements include the teachers' union, Kenmore Council Member Corina Pfeil and  Snohomish County Democrats. I humbly ask for your vote.

Amy Cast

Amy Cast.png

Running for: Northshore School District No. 417, Director District No. 5

17700 NE 136TH ST


Education: BS Business Management from Binghamton University, Binghamton NY

Occupation: Owner of a website design firm, and leadership consultant



Since I began serving you on the Northshore School Board eight years ago, I’ve worked to continuously improve our schools, making us one of the highest performing districts in the state. As we recover from the pandemic and this heart-breaking year, I am committed to using my experience and passion as we face our newest challenges.

In my time on the board, I found new resources, partnerships and programs to build excellence for students, and which were critical to our work to safely reopen schools. I will protect our added college-prep and technical education classes, new choice programs, expanded arts programs and commitment to educational equity. Before knowing how vital the need for space would be, I reduced overcrowding in our classrooms by opening three new schools on time and on budget.

This past year has also shown the importance of supporting our students holistically. Prioritizing the mental health and overall well-being of each child, I ensured that Northshore added more counselors and support programs at every school. It is my commitment that together we will not only recover from this year, but thrive.

Endorsements: 1st LD, 45th LD, and 46th LD Democrats, King County Democrats and Northshore teachers.