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Local Legislative Candidates 

30th District


Legislative District 30, State Representative Pos. 1 (2 Year Term)

Jamila Taylor

Main Issues/Priorities: Economic Recovery, Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Public Safety, and Quality Healthcare

Martin Moore

Main Issues/Priorities: Seniors, Working Families, Education, Bipartisanship, & First Responder Support


Legislative District 30, State Representative Pos. 2 (2 Year Term)

Jesse Johnson

Main Issues/Priorities: Affordable Childcare, Accessible Healthcare, Improved Transportation Infrastructure, Good-Paying/Local Jobs, Seniors, At-Risk Youth, & Vulnerable Families

Jack Walsh

Main Issues/Priorities: Preventing New Income Tax, Combatting Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Funding for Education, Holding Sound Transit Accountable

Local Legislative Candidates

→ 8th & 9th Congressional Districts


Congressional District 8, U.S. Representative (2 Year Term)

Kim Schrier

Main Issues/Priorities: Affordable Universal Healthcare, Lower Prescription Drug Prices, Cleaner Environment, Gun Safety, Women's Healthcare Rights

Jesse Jensen

Main Issues/Priorities: Veterans, Small Business Owners and Workers, Middle Class Growth, Defeating Socialism, Lowering Healthcare Costs, Covering Pre-Existing Conditions, National Defense


Congressional District 9, U.S. Representative  (2 Year Term)

Adam Smith

Main Issues/Priorities: Strengthening the Middle Class, Union Protections, Affordable & Accessible Higher Education, Universal Access to Healthcare, Good Paying Jobs

Doug Basler

Main Issues/Priorities: Strong Borders, Stopping Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking, Drug Related Gang Activity, Border Wall, Reducing the H1B Worker Visa, 2nd Amendment

Statewide Candidates



Jay Inslee

Loren Culp


Lieutenant Governor

Denny Heck

Marko Liias


Secretary of State

Gael Tarleton

Kim Wyman


State Treasurer

Mike Pellicciotti

 Duane A. Davidson


State Auditor

Patrice McCarthy

Chris Leyba


Attorney General 

Bob Ferguson

Matt Larkin


Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz

Sue Kuehl Pederson


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal 

Maia Espinoza


Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler

Chirayu Avinash Patel

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