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Dressed in White

About FW Black Collective

FW Black Collective (FWBC) was formed in 2018 as a community resource by local community leaders. Our local Black community was looking for a voice and how to collectively strategize to create change within the Federal Way area. We base our work on the requests of the community based on surveys and are driven by community requests. We routinely host community meetings, engage with and in collaboration with other community member organizations, hosting events that coincide with the advancement of the City of Federal Way.


The strengths of the Black community are consistently overcoming marginalization. Priorities we have heard from our community entail quality and holistic childcare, culturally reflective educators, equity in city planning, equitable access to resources, employment training, home ownership, and livable wage employment. Throughout history as a community we have always thrived best when we work together. We are the collective that provides a home for our community to build and strategize. 

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