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Small Business 

Taking Care of the Little Guys

We offer and provide assistance and other business support services at no cost to entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits – with an emphasis on those owned by historically marginalized and underserved persons.

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Monthly Network Meetings

Providing small business owners with ongoing, culturally relevant assistance and monthly networking events to meet their needs, establish/maintain a trusted community presence and regular collection of process feedback for improvements.

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One-on-One Consultations

  • Conduct small business needs assessments using culturally appropriate intake, assessment and technical assistance tools.

  • Provide individual technical assistance for small business funding applications and other needs (in-person, phone, email, online meeting platforms), with verbal interpretation services for clients as needed.

  • Ensure clients receive at least one follow up contact to verify that needs were met and to ensure services are delivered accurately and completely.

  • Provide the necessary guidance and support “direct hand-to-hand” referrals to other SBRN members or other relevant community providers for services we are unable to provide.

  • Ensure direct referrals to other relevant community providers as needed for questions/work outside of our current abilities. 

Kids in Preschool

Family Child Care Provider Empowerment Network

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Grant Opportunities

View our list of available grant opportunities, eligibility, and deadlines.

WA Black Owned Business Excellence

Calendar of Events

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